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    Nuriplan Design Research Center

    We pursue the warmth and spaciousness of life with a unique urban image.

      Creating a distinctive and attractive vision and developing an integrated strategy is a way to increase the competitiveness of the region. Nuriplans to create a more environmentally friendly and high quality local culture through a design approach. This purpose is not only to meet aesthetic desires, but also to understand human emotions and build environmentally friendly urban environments.

      NuriPlan's Design Research Institute (NLP), one of Korea's leading urban environmental design companies, is a unique urban environment design research institute that can carry out comprehensive and specialized research to reconstruct the existing environment with light to improve the quality of life. is. It is a specialist group that will lead the future of urban landscape design in Korea by studying eco-friendly urban landscape design in addition to profiting from the company. On October 1, 2001, the Nuriplan Environmental Design Research Institute was established. In November of the same year, it was certified as a research institute by the Korea Industrial Technology Association.

      The mission of urban landscape design is not just to meet aesthetic desires, but to understand human emotions and build environmentally friendly urban environments. We want to convey the image of a city with rich emotion and distinctiveness by conveying the traditional light culture in which the local climate and culture are expressed through architecture and lighting. As an outstanding professional with a passion for light based on our long experience in the field, we will strive to be a model for the new 21st century environment design that artificial city facilities can match with nature by creating a more pleasant and convenient environment.

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