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Landscape facility

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Landscape facility

Landscape Facilities

    • Facility for user's convenience Landscape facility

      Buildings and roads have a variety of city facilities for your convenience to perform their unique functions. The amenities are in place and function to create a beautiful view.
    • Image of Gyeongju Bomunho Bridge
      Gangneung Okgyeongju Thousand Bridge Image
      Image of Uijeongbu Minak district sound barrier wall

    • Field of landscape facility

      • Vehicle protection fence, soundproof wall, design railings, design fence, sculpture, bridge bridge, bridge overpass, exterior material, other bridges and road facilities, etc. (Mixed facility),

    • Vehicle protection fence

      • It is intended to prevent a vehicle that deviates from the normal driving route from escaping to the road or to the sidewalk, and to reduce the damage of the passenger and the damage of the vehicle in case of a vehicle collision.
    • View collision test video
      Passed SB4 grade
      (Vehicle protection fenceNRB-201P)
      Passed SB5 grade
      (Vehicle protection fenceNRB-202P)
      Passed SB4 grade
      (Vehicle protection fenceNRB-205M)
    • Vehicle protection fence NRB201P image
      Handrail NRA 180 images
      Image of handrails NRA 182-1

    • Eco-friendly wood-walled soundproof wall

      • By reducing the noise generated by educational facilities, road facilities, railway facilities, etc. to below a certain level and enabling them to harmonize with the surrounding landscape, we provide a psychological sense of security and a comfortable space in the living environment.
    • Soundproof Wall Image
      Soundproof Wall Image
      Soundproof Wall Image

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