Landscape lighting

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Landscape lighting

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Landscape lighting

Eco Friendly Landscape Lighting

    • A light that infuses the city with vitality

      Light is the energy necessary for the creation of life and is indispensable to our lives. The desire for a pleasant and beautiful urban environment is a basic necessity for everyone, and as human activity time is extended to night time, the role of lighting is gradually expanded and its necessity is emphasized. Nighttime through the light The architecture and the sculptures of the city became a means to recreate the images of the city night view as they approached people in a way different from the daytime.
    • Kang Cheonbo night view image
      Amsa Bridge night view image
      Gwanghwamun night view image

    • Use of landscape lighting

      • We rediscover charm that was not found in scenery of the day as illumination directing according to characteristics of building, bridge, tree.

      • Building a beautiful night view of the city, and INTERACTIVE landscape lighting that people can experience and enjoy directly, we will build a new tourism infrastructure and revitalize the local economy.

      • Creating a pleasant light environment invigorates the nighttime cityscape.

      • Since the recent energy crisis requires the switch to environmentally friendly and highly efficient lighting and excessive landscape lighting is being refrained, the appropriate lighting scheme minimizes the impact on the ecosystem through securing safety from crime and accidents and pollution.

    • Landscape Lighting

      • Bridge lighting

      • By highlighting the individuality of the bridge's basic structures and creating IDENTITY of the city, you can highlight the image as a local landmark with rich sights and create a more beautiful lighting effect on the water surface.

      • Architectural lighting

      • Architectural lighting not only makes buildings look better at night, but also creates a brilliant night view and adds a sense of dimension to the cityscape. It is necessary to install a lighting system that does not hurt the scenery of the daytime. In the evening, it is necessary to emphasize the three-dimensional and aesthetic effects of the building through lighting and to direct the whole landscape to the night sky.

      • Park lighting

      • Minimize light pollution and be eco-friendly. Consider harmonizing with the trees and waterside in the park. In addition, it provides a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for the people who visit the park for relaxing and strolling by allowing them to enjoy the natural scenery according to the season.

      • Other lighting

      • Fountains, overpasses, soundproof walls, and other places where environmental lighting is needed are planned and produced in an environmentally friendly way.

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