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Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 [Purpose)

This regulation shall be applied to the management of the internal information of the company in order to promptly and accurately disclose information in accordance with the "Capital Market and Financial Investment Business Act" (hereinafter referred to as the "Act") and regulations, and to prevent insider trading by officers and employees. And the like.


Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

① In this regulation, the term "internal information" refers to the disclosure requirements of Part 1 of the KOSDAQ Market Disclosure Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the "Disclosure Regulations") and other matters affecting the management or property situation of the Company or investors It says things that can be done. 
(2) "Officer in charge of disclosure" means a person who is able to carry out the reporting business on behalf of the company pursuant to Article 2 (4) of the Disclosure Regulations. 
③ In this regulation, "officers" means directors (including persons falling under any of the subparagraphs of paragraph 1 of Article 401 of the 「Commercial Act」) and auditors. 
(4) In addition to paragraphs (1) to (3), the definition of terms used in this regulation shall be defined by the terms used in the relevant laws and regulations.

Article 3 (Scope of Application) The matters concerning disclosure, insider trading and internal information management shall be governed by this Regulation except as stipulated in relevant laws or the Articles of Incorporation.


Chapter 2 Management of Internal Information

Article 4 (Management of Internal Information)

① Officers and employees shall strictly manage the internal information of the company that they have learned in their work, and shall not disclose the internal information inside or outside the company except when necessary for business. 
② The CEO shall take necessary measures for internal information management, such as setting specific standards for custody, transmission and destruction of internal information and related documents.


Article 5 (Disclosure Officer)

① The CEO shall appoint a person in charge of disclosure and report it to the Korea Exchange. It is also the same when the officer in charge of disclosure is changed. 
(2) The officer responsible for disclosure shall oversee the tasks related to the establishment and operation of the internal information management system and perform the following duties. 
1. The enforcement of disclosure 
2. Check the operating status and evaluation of internal control systems 
3. Review and determine whether the disclosure of inside information 
4. officers necessary measures for the operation of internal information management system, including training for staff 
5. responsible for the management of inside information, or department or officer responsible for disclosure affairs. command and supervision of staff 
6. Other business CEO is deemed necessary for the management of internal information management system 
③ disclosure Officer in carrying out their duties And shall have the powers of the following subparagraphs: 
1. Various documents and the right to request and retrieve the records associated with the submission of inside information 
officers of the department in charge of accounting or auditing 2. The department responsible for the work, the work that is relevant only to the creation of an internal information staff ability to listen to feedback from the need 
④ disclosure Officer may in consultation with the officers responsible for the relevant work, if necessary, in performing their duties, may seek the assistance of experts at the expense of the company. 
⑤ The disclosure officer shall periodically report to the representative director (or the board of directors) the operational status of the internal information management system.


Article 6 (Disclosure Person)

① The representative director shall declare the person in charge of disclosure and report it to the Korea Exchange. The same is true when the disclosure officer is changed. 
② The disclosure officer shall be under the direction of the disclosure officer in relation to internal information management and shall perform the following duties. 
1. Review and report on the collection and disclosure of inside information officer 
required for the execution of tasks 2. Disclosure 
Report for the identification and disclosure of director information necessary for the management of inside information disclosure regulations, etc. 3. Changes to 
4. The Any matters deemed necessary by the CEO or the officer in charge of disclosure


Article 7 (Concentration of Internal Information)

The officers and the heads of the respective departments shall provide timely disclosure officers with information about any of the following cases: 
1. If inside information occurred 
2. In the event that the reason you need to cancel or change the information has already been disclosed inside information of 
3. In addition there are requirements for responsible disclosure


Article 8 (Providing Internal Information Outside)

① If officers or employees must inevitably provide internal information to a counterparty, an external auditor, an agent, a company, or a person who has concluded an advisory contract with a company, such as legal counsel or management consultant for business reasons, Should be reported. 
(2) In case of Paragraph (1), the disclosure officer shall take necessary measures, such as concluding a contract for maintaining confidentiality of related internal information.


Chapter 3. Disclosure of internal information

Article 9 (Types of Disclosure) The disclosure of the Company shall be divided as follows. 
1. Disclosure Regulations Part 1 The main management reporting and disclosure requirements in accordance with Chapter 2, Section 1 
2. Disclosure Disclosure in accordance with the provisions of Article Views Part 1 Chapter 2 Section 2 
3. Disclosure Regulations Part 1 Chapter 2, Article 3 fair disclosure in accordance with section 
4. disclosure regulations part 1 the voluntary disclosure in accordance with Chapter 3 
5. the submission of the Securities Act part III Chapter 1 of the report, including 
6 under Article 159 trillion, Article 160 and Article 165 CMR disclosure regulations part 1 Chapter 2 the submission of annual report in accordance with section 4 
7. the main points of law submitted a report under Article 161 
8. disclosure only in accordance with its laws and regulations in other


Article 10 (Execution of Disclosure)

① The disclosure officer shall prepare the necessary information in the event of the disclosure prescribed in Article 9, and provide the necessary documents and report it to the disclosure officer. 
② The person in charge of disclosure shall examine whether the contents and documents in Paragraph 1 are not in violation of relevant laws and regulations, and report it to the representative director and disclose it.


Article 11 (Post-Disclosure after Disclosure) The Disclosure Officer and Disclosure Officer shall take measures to rectify any errors or omissions without delay.


Article 12 (Media coverage, etc.)

① If there is a request from a media company to report about the company, in principle, the representative director or the public officer shall respond accordingly. If necessary, an officer or employee of the relevant department may be allowed to respond. 
② If the company intends to distribute press materials to media companies, it should consult with the person in charge of disclosure. The disclosure officer shall, if necessary, report to the Representative Director the matters relating to the distribution of the press release. 
③ Officers who know that the media reports are different from the facts should report them to the disclosure officer. The disclosure officer shall report the matter to the representative director and take necessary measures.

Article 13 (Business briefing session) The company briefing session about the management content, business plan and prospect of the company shall be held in consultation with the officer in charge of disclosure.


Chapter 4 Regulation on Insider Trading, etc.

Article 14 (Return of Profit on Short Sale)

① An officer and an employee prescribed by Article 172 (1) of the Act and Article 194 of the Enforcement Decree of the Act shall sell or sell the specified securities, etc., specified in Article 172 (1) of the Act (hereinafter referred to as " (Hereinafter referred to as "short - term trading profits") to the Company if the Company acquires profits by buying within six months of the date of sale. 
(2) The shareholders of the Company (including those who own equity securities or securities deposit securities other than sovereigns, the same shall apply in this Article hereinafter) shall request the Company to request the return of short-term trading profits to the person who obtained the short- If requested, the Company shall take necessary measures within two months from the date of receipt of the request. 
(3) In the event that the Securities and Futures Commission notifies the Company of the occurrence of short-term trading gains pursuant to Paragraph (1), the disclosure officer shall immediately disclose the following matters on the Company's Internet homepage. 
1. Short selling should be returned to the party position 
2. Short selling price 
3. date of receipt of notice that short selling occurs from the Securities and Futures Commission 
4. Short selling plans charge return 
5. The shareholders of the company allows the company short-term If the company does not make a claim within two months from the date of receipt of the request, the shareholder may claim the company on behalf of the company. that means 
④ period of paragraph 3 shall be disclosed to the date of the return until the date of the arrival of two years from the date of notification or short selling short selling that occurs from the Securities and futures Commission, first.


Article 15 (Notification of Sale of Certain Securities, etc.)

The officers and employees prescribed by Article 172 (1) of the Act and the Act Enforcement Decree (194) of the Act shall notify the disclosure officer of the sale or other transactions of specified securities.


Article 16 (Prohibition of Use of Unlisted Important Information)

Employees shall not use undisclosed material information (including undisclosed material information of affiliated companies) prescribed in Article 174 (1) of the Act for sale or other transactions of specified securities, or make them available to other persons.


Chapter 5 Supplement

Article 17 (Education)

The disclosure officer and the disclosure officer must complete the education related to the disclosure duties under Article 36 and Article 44 (5) of the Public Disclosure Regulations, and the disclosure officer shall inform the relevant officers and employees of the contents of the education.


Article 18 (Opening and Closing of the Regulations)

The amendment or abolishment of these regulations shall be made by resolution of the board of directors.


Article 19 (Publication of Regulations)

These regulations shall be published on the website of the Company. The same shall apply when the Regulations are amended.



This regulation shall come into effect on December 05, 2016.

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