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CEO Greeting

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CEO Greeting

CEO Greeting
  • The natural scenery is created by God, but the city landscape is created by Nuri Plans.


      The new Joshu scenery beauty school is opened.

      The city has been redesigned.
      The city is transformed into a huge cultural space.
      In recent years, as interest in 'Urban Landscape' and 'Urban Restoration of Humanity' has increased, we are making efforts to improve the quality of life of urban residents through design and to enhance comfort and happiness.
      The Nuripan Plan creates and installs beautiful public roads in the daytime, covering the daytime environment and night scenery of the city, and creates a beautiful night view through night scenery lighting at night.

      You are a customer of NuriPlans.

      Design and design of landscape lighting and facilities in over 700 major bridges and park cultural properties in Korea including the National Assembly Building in Seoul, Namsan Tower in Busan, Gwangan Grand Bridge in Busan, Gwangju Grand Bridge in Gwangju, Gwangju in Jeju Island, As a result, we became the No.1 cityscape professional enterprise.
      With more than 60% of our staff, mainly design research institute and technology development department, is composed of professional designers and designers, we will provide service that realizes customer impression by creating beautiful city environment.

    • We create cities with creativity and innovation.

      Since its establishment in 1994, Nuri Plan has been devoted to urban landscape projects based on continuous technological development and enthusiastic creativity with the management idea of 'landscape view' and 'creativity and innovation'. In 2005, Nuri Plan was awarded the Korea Industrial Award of Merit, And has won numerous awards including the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of the Interior. However, Nuripan plans to focus on the company's ability to create value for customers without being confident or present, and will make every effort to become a global eco-friendly cityscape company.

      All employees of Nuriplan Co., Ltd.

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